Sunday, February 16, 2014

How I'm feeling these days

We moved exactly a month ago. It feels more like 2 months. So much has been done in those 4 weeks. The move was not as easy as I thought. I mean, it's not my first move, so I know it would be a lot of work but I did not anticipate *this much* work.

It's also something hubby and I had never experienced together. I moved in with him, in his house, the first time. This is different, we bought a house together.  We started from scratch together and we had to basically discuss everything. It made me realize just how different we are in how we prioritize house stuff and how we work things in general. That being said, however, we DID do great and I am proud of us. Now I just want to see these past 4 weeks behind us.

I compare moving to chaos.  That's how it feels.  I am just starting now to feel a bit normal.  I have a feeling that it will take awhile before I can feel a real sense of normalcy again.  Which is fine; I just hope it comes before baby is born.

In the mean time, I am tackling my full-time school schedule to finish my degree in April, just before Chickpea arrives.

My last day at my part-time nanny job is in 3 weeks or so.  I'm looking forward to having a bit more time to rest.


  1. Oh geez. I'm stressed just THINKING about moving!! We get the keys to our house in about a month...and have another month before we need to be out of our apartment. I would like to say I'll be super on top of everything and pack/move everything slowly...but I feel like it's going to be two days before our lease is up and I'll be pulling my hair out!

  2. Oh gosh yes - moving is chaos indeed! But once the settling-in starts (and it will soon if it hasn't already) you will feel SO much better.

  3. Glad to hear the moving days are done on your end! Now you can sit back and enjoy. :)
    We have to move soon, and I'm already stressed by the idea!

  4. ah moving is so stressful and chaotic. i'm tired of our current house but dreading a move in the next few years.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  5. Oh goodness. I had the same realization when we were moving, unpacking, etc. The projects I thought were important were not the same things the Husband found important. Hope your last little bit of nannying is going well. Thinking of you!

  6. Thinking of you. Hope all is well!

  7. You are one busy woman! Very inspiring how you juggle so many things. :) And yes, moving is chaos. hahaha