Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My thoughts 2 days before the move

We started packing well in advance. I guess we learn with experience. (Waiting last minute to pack a whole place is not the best as I've learned the many times I moved in my 20s.) It's still a lot of work but it seems less tiring when it's divided over the course of a few months. Renting these plastic bins was totally worth it too. So practical.

Overall, I've been feeling great.  I think this is perfect timing for us to move.  I *just* started a new semester at school so things are still relatively relaxed in terms of homework/exams.  Also (thank God) the weather is great for moving this week in Ottawa.  Plus, I can still move somewhat easily being 5 months pregnant, and not 8.

I did have ONE bad day this past weekend though.  I let my thoughts tornado into negativity and I scared myself.  It started with husband and I trying to decide whether to bring an old table which we use to put the cats litter box on in the basement.  Hubby mentioned that it's possible the new house would be too cold in the winter to leave the basement (which is non-finished) door open to have the litter boxes downstairs.  (I really don't want litter boxes on the main floors.)  Then I started getting worried about all sorts of things.  I got worried my teenage son would hate the new house; that he would not adapt well to the longer commute.  I got scared that I won't like the new town (although I already like it).

You get the idea.  It started with nothing and ended up with me having a hard time falling asleep that night. 

As if I've never dealt with change.  As if I can't adapt to a new situation.  Seriously, the things our minds can do to us sometimes!

And then I remembered some of the quotes that talk about "most of our worries never happen anyway".  And it's true. 


  1. Oh packing...it's the one thing I am really NOT looking forward to when we move!! We have managed to cram SO much crap into our tiny apartment. It's not going to be fun.

  2. We started packing very very early for our last move, and it was the best decision EVER! I totally agree with you! Good luck with the move! I'm sure everything will be ok. :)

  3. As a child of parents who had children much younger than me I would say just talk with him and make time to do stuff that includes all four of you and he will adjust great!

  4. I guess that I'm so used to moving that I no longer worry about that sort of stuff. That might be sad. But this is a great time for y'all to start a new adventure!

  5. So much excitement happening Stephanie (minus the packing haha). I think you have a boatload of happiness in store :)

  6. Those bins are such a smart way to do it! I didn't even know such a thing existed. It makes sense now that I think about it... :)